Happy Fruit Delta 8/THCV Gummies



Suggested Use
We recommend starting with a quarter to half of one gummy in a 3 hour period. After finding your tolerance, you can adjust your dosage to what works for you!

Ingredients:  corn syrup, sugar, water, pectin, citric acid, natural apple flavor, (propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, water and natural flavor, sodium benzoate)natural green color (glycerin (E422), spirulina extract, filtered deionized water, turmeric (E100), potassium sorbate, (E211), citric acid (E330) ), purac (sodium hydrogen malate, malic acid

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 Happy Fruit Delta 8/THCV  Gummies

BERRY Cool: Berry Chill sweet and juicy berry flavors

Berry Cool: Indicia Relaxation Formula

 10 Gummies per pouch 30MG per Gummy

 300MG total Delta 8 per package


APPLE Bliss: Fusion of Sweet and Tart apples

Sativa Uplifting Effects

10 Gummies per pouch

25MG of Delta 8 & 5MG of THCV Extract per gummy

300MG Delta 8 & THCV per pouch



Chill Chews: 

Each bag contains a mix of these over the rainbow flavors: strawberry, lemon, grape and fruit punch.

-Indica relaxation effects
-Each fruit flavored chew contains 10mg each of Delta 8 (100mg per bag)

*Serving Size: 1 gummy (can start with 1/2 a piece to determine strength/dosage that is right for you)

*Refrigeration is recommended after opening. Do not store above room temperature or in a humid environment.


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Apple Bliss, Berry Cool, Chill Chews


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